Our Restaurant consulting Services

Restaurants & Cafes Setup

As a restaurant consultant, we create countless creative drinks

For most establishments, starting is usually the most overwhelming phase in the business. Particularly in Bali, things can get extremely complicated. Our extensive knowledge comes  in hand to start smoothly, confidently

and to minimize risks. 

As a restaurant consultant, we do this by creating concepts, drawing them visually, calculating the budget needed, building the outlets with trusted suppliers, recruiting the suitable people developing the menu, and training the entire team.

Then, we hand over the ready-to-run

business back to you, a turn key project. 

Restaurants & Cafes Re-setup & Rebranding

As a food and beverage consultant, we cover menu development, from Western comfort food to Asian staples

F&B in Bali is a highly dynamic industry, as it becomes more a  lifestyle business. Therefore, know your customer, the food trends, concept trends and other variables is crucial to your survival. 

It is very common business that doesn’t adapt well, shut down within the first year.  If you think your business should have been better, our restaurant consultants are ready to help analyse and draw applicable changes to acquire unlimited possibilities for it.

Restaurants & Cafes Full Management

We have years of experience as a restaurant consultant in Bali

F&B business requires constant changes and can be very tiring. If you are interested in becoming a part of the rewarding industry, but are not really sure how, we can be your restaurant consultant to build and run the business for you on a long term contract basis. Or, if you have been in the industry but feel like raising the white flag, contact us.

Online Marketing Consultancy & Management

Prodigi Bali restaurant consultant offers all aspects of restaurant business management.

Online marketing evolves very fast. Improving your social media presence, including content, ads and influencers management, website management including PPC, SEO, etc, are the most effective tools to take your brand to the next level. If you think everything is too time consuming, talk to us.

Our marketing consultant team is ready to help, not only in creating and developing a new brand, but also refreshing, redefining and redirecting an existing brand.  We know how develop your brand identity through quality content, photos and videos, websites, social media management, targeted ads, and many more. As your digital marketing agency, we do 360 degree online marketing management, daily, for you.